A foreword

14 Jun

Before the premiere of recipes, I would just like to mention that cooking could be scary, boring and believe me I was the last person on earth to agree when people said once you start cooking you will start enjoying it, no matter how cliched it may sound, it is true!
So first and foremost, please free yourselves of all the hangups! Secondly, please be careful in the kitchen. There will be some days when you will spill, burn, overcook your food. Breathe at such times! Do not blame yourself. You are learning. They cannot be undone, take it as a lesson and start over again. Almost everyday I get cuts, burns and bruises in the kitchen, but it only makes me more cautious, esp. while handling hot oil, or a sharp knife! There are so many other things to tell, but you could also learn something new on your own and share those things with me. Lastly measurements! Please take your own time to know how much is enough! Now I may say 1 tsp it could be two for your taste or none! I say this with experience, I may have smaller mustard seeds or I may use less salt, you may like more(but be extra careful with salt, you can add later if you want but you can’t remove it), so keep adjusting. I have gone through this, and believe me, I have experimented everything on my own, so I know what could be going through your mind if the Kitchen Demon scares you! With a pinch of love and a dash of commitment, you will sail through. Good luck!


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