Indo-Chinese Fried Rice

10 Mar

I don’t have time to cook, I have frozen veggies and soy sauce at hand. I make Fried rice. I am just bored of eating veggies but I can eat them with rice, my option: fried rice. I don’t want to be too stuffed but can do with some rice, my option? You guessed it right…fried rice. It’s just so easy and quick. As mentioned in one of the posts, this is the Indian version, I am sure the Chinese version will be much better and different. This is my experiment that works. Try it!


Tip: For a hint of non-vegetarian, you can boil chicken or fry a plain omelette and cut it into bite size pieces and add it to the fried rice.

All you need:

1) Frozen veggie mix pack 1/2

If not you must have a bunch of chopped spring onion-keep shallots separate, about 10-15 chopped french beans, 2 sliced carrots, cup of chopped cabbage, 1/2 bell pepper cut into julienne (refer to the pic) You can add any sorts of vegetables of your preference.

2) Ginger an inch cut into julienne

3) Garlic about 3-4 cloves chopped

4) Soy sauce – 2 tbsp

5) Oyster Sauce – 1 tbsp

6) Salt or ajinomoto – as required

7) Oil for frying

8) Egg or boiled chicken pieces- Optional

Ready, Set, Go:

1) Cut all the vegetables, spring onion is a must, with garlic and ginger.

2) Par boil rice in boiling water i.e cook the rice till its almost done not fully, almost.

3) Heat up a Wok or a deep stir fry pan, pour 2 tbsp of oil on high heat, because its like a rule to stir fry you must have the heat on high because it helps to cook quickly.

4) Add ginger and garlic, fry it for around 10 seconds.

5) Add the shallots part first and reserve the green part for later.

6) If you have boiled chicken pieces, you can add them at this stage before the veggies. Add and stir fry the vegetables, add the hard ones like carrots and beans first so that they get cooked properly. Stir Fry for about 2 minutes.

7) Splash in some soy sauce (you can add more later if you like), a dash of ajinomoto ( if you don’t have you can just add regular salt – ajinomoto is salty so once you add it you don’t need to add extra salt, you can adjust salt later if you want.

8) Add the cooked rice, stir everything together until the rice is fully cooked. Stir fry for about 2 minutes

9) Lastly add the chopped spring onion. Done.DSC08934


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  1. Indo-Chinese Chicken Manchurian w/o cornstarch | Foodatarian - April 10, 2013

    […] I am a big fan of original Chinese food. Even if I would try Italian, Chinese, French food at home, even North Indian or South Indian, the local  people will do the job 100 times better than me, because I believe you are best at your local cuisine and good with the others. No matter how hard you try, the local taste and foreign hands make all the difference. Well, in India suddenly Chinese food became so popular. But even when the streets did not have any Chinese food on their menu, my dad used to take us to the only Chinese hotel we had in our area. Then, he’d come home and try making a few experiments. I was a fan of Chopsuey (Dad’s style, he’d have stir-fried veggies with boiled noodles and crispy noodles on top with a half-fried egg). Chinese cooking is stir fried which is in a wok and on a high flame mostly cooked in peanut or sesame oil.  However, since this is an experiment of Indo-Chinese recipe, hope you guys enjoy it. I loved it with fried rice. […]

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