About Me!

Hi I am Poornima which means a full moon day. I have grown up to be a typical elder daughter in a middle class family from a Maharashtrian background in Pune, India. I have had no interests while growing up except for reading books and writing poetry. My father was a catering school student and I truly regret wasting all these years learning nothing from him. This affected me in the long run, when I got married to my soul mate. I am married to a Christian, his roots belong to Kerala, India. It took me a while to understand the concept of cooking(not that I am an expert but believe me, I started on a clean slate) by reading cookbooks, watching cooking channels, cookery shows, reading recipes from magazines, got some written down dictated by my mother and tried them at home. Thankfully, both the families come from coastal regions, both the cuisines have a lot of things in common like the use of ginger, garlic, coconut, etc. Yet Maharashtrians and Malayalis have their unique recipes which the local people love and boast of. I love to gorge on food. An opportunity knocked and I had suddenly turned into a food critic for a local website for a short period of time. My appetite grew not just for eating, but all my senses wanted to touch, see, eat, smell, hear FOOD! Now in Texas, I am going to only add to the joy of cooking! Ooh, how I love the aroma of rosemary and ginger garlic paste! This is my journal dedicated to all the girls, bachelors, newly married, people passionate or not for food! Right from easy, basics to a little complex and time consuming, be it Indian, Continental or TexMex, I am going to try doing it all here and share the treasured recipes passed onto me by my family members and friends. Wish me luck! Please leave your comments, suggestions and do not worry about copyrights! Try, share and live to eat! šŸ˜€


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  1. Kayloli (Rice flour veggie omelette/dosa/pancake) | Foodatarian - April 3, 2014

    […] About Me! […]

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